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A survey to describe vocational rehabilitation among occupational therapists in Ireland

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posted on 2013-06-13, 09:07 authored by Emma Costello
Introduction: This research was carried out in order to ascertain the demographic data on vocational rehabilitation (VR) among occupational therapists in Ireland; describing current practice highlighting gaps in practice, identifying training and educational needs of occupational therapists and informing future research on VR in Ireland. Method: Participants were recruited through the AOTI database via email with an invitation to participate. The link of the electronic survey was attached to the email and sent to 294 members. The survey enquired about demographic details, service provision in the prevention, assessment and rehabilitation and further education needs in these areas. Results/Findings: The responses of 11 (3.7%) therapists were analysed. The results indicate that VR is practiced largely as a part time duty among the occupational therapists surveyed. 87.5% of occupational therapists could foresee a need for VR in their work practice in the future. A clear gap in practice appears to be that there is little or no service provision in the workplace, in comparison to countries with developed work rehabilitation programs such as Australia, Japan and America. Three therapists out of the eleven had completed further training in the area of VR. This may suggest therapists were aware of their skills potential working in VR and were preparing themselves for future opportunities in the area. Conclusion: Future research is required in the field to justify the need of VR in Ireland. Further research in this area, may raise awareness of the great potential of occupational therapy in VR and how it may provide occupational therapy in Ireland with new and exciting work opportunities.



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