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An investigation into the experiences of individuals who attended the Dublin adult stuttering (DAS) speech and language therapy course

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posted on 2013-12-20, 10:16 authored by Rebecca Mullen
Objective: This study aimed to explore the experiences of individuals who attended a specific course the Dublin Adult Stuttering (DAS) speech and language therapy course. It focused on the participant’s personal perceptions and experiences of their stutter and its impact on their lives before, throughout and after the course. The DAS course is designed on a therapy approach that focuses on reducing the participants’ avoidance of specific words or situations which enables the participant to become accepting and more comfortable with their stutter. Methodology: A qualitative research design was chosen for the study. Four participants consisting of two males and two females who had attended the DAS course over the past seven years took part in semi-structured interviews. They talked about their experiences and perceptions of the course. The data was analysed using thematic analysis. Thematic analysis identified and analysed patterns or themes within the data. The themes that emerged were categorised before, throughout and after the course and common themes were grouped across all participants. Results: Different themes emerged from each participant’s responses. Some of the common themes that emerged amongst the participants after the course included an increase in confidence and how completing the DAS course had produced an acceptance of their stutter. They reported that meeting similar people throughout the DAS course was a positive experience that produced an effective system of support. Conclusion: From the themes that emerged, the participant’s perception of the therapy approach and design presented in the DAS course has impacted positively on their lives and of their perceptions of themselves. It has enabled them to increase their confidence and become more accepting of their stutter.



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