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Analysis of energy resources - modelling a path towards the hydrogen value

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posted on 2022-09-09, 08:06 authored by Emma Sarah Hanley
The world is transitioning to a decarbonised economy, less than 300 years after the emergence of the industrial revolution. There is widespread acceptance for this transition due to accelerating climate change, increasing population and increasing demand for finite resources. A shift towards the use of novel, low carbon alternative fuels and technology is imminent. This Thesis focuses on hydrogen as one such sustainable alternative fuel and cryogen for future energy and resource requirements. Hydrogen’s use as an energy carrier is well known; however, it has failed to successfully penetrate energy markets on a large scale. With focus on the transition from conventional energy generation methods and fuels the ‘Hydrogen Economy’ can now emerge and be a key enabler to securing a sustainable, decarbonised energy future. In the research presented hydrogen’s value in decentralised energy systems is investigated with results indicating hydrogen can play an important role. It is recognised hydrogen technology integrated with other storage technologies will be important in future decentralised systems. Furthermore, hydrogen’s synergy with the natural gas industry and the role of liquid hydrogen will be vital for the overall success of the hydrogen economy.



  • Master (Research)

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Glowacki, Bartek A.





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