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COMET A critical study of a Karnạ̄ṭak music education system

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posted on 2022-12-02, 09:59 authored by Mathuriga Thevapalan

This research study aims to explore the music pedagogy known as Correlated Objective Music Education &Training (COMET). COMET is a system of music education developed by Karaikudi S. Subramanian in the 1990s for the transmission of South Indian music known as Karṇātaḳ music. The focus of the research is to explore the relevance of COMET in contemporary music education. The inspiration for this research is my experience as a student of Karṇātak music under the tutelage of Subramanian. ̣ The study of COMET is framed by discussions of form and performance practice in Karṇātaḳ music, and the history of the transmission of the music. I discuss the two primary modes of transmission, the traditional gurukula and the modern institutions. As an active student-practitioner of Karṇātak music and COMET, I am a participanṭ-observer using my own practice as an approach to explore the COMET pedagogy. My position as a non-native student of Karṇātak music, born and raised in Denmark, informs my exploration of thẹ relevance of COMET. The study includes a discussion of the relevance of COMET on a global  level in terms of cross-cultural exchanges. The discussion on COMET is further supported by reflections of Indian traditional artists and international scholars, artists and students who have been associated with COMET. The study establishes the significance of COMET in contemporary Karṇātak music education based on its inclusiveness and its holistic approach tọ the communication of Karṇātak music.  



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