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Effects of reducing fat and salt on the composition, biochemical, sensory, functional and rheological properties of mozzarella-style cheese

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posted on 2022-10-12, 09:04 authored by Sarah Henneberry
The aims of this thesis were to (a) study the properties of Low Moisture Part-Skim (LMPS) Mozzarella; (b) investigate the effects of 40% fat and 30% salt reduction on the properties of LMPS Mozzarella; (c) improve the functional characteristics of reduced-fat, reduced-salt Mozzarella through reducing the degree of calcium-induced casein cross-linking; (d) investigate the impact of fat, salt and calcium reduction on the volatile and sensory properties of LMPS Mozzarella. Initially, four cheeses investigating the various combinations of fat and salt content; full-fat, full-salt (FFFS); full-fat, reduced-salt (FFRS); reduced-fat, full-salt (RFFS); reduced-fat, reduced-salt (RFRS) were produced. Subsequently, an additional two cheeses investigating the effect of calcium reduction in reduced-fat cheese; reduced-fat, full-salt, low calcium (RFRSLC) and reduced-fat, reduced-salt, low calcium (RFRSLC) were studied. Cheeses were analysed for their composition, biochemical, functional and sensory properties. Results indicated that reducing the fat content of Mozzarella impacted negatively on the functionality and sensory properties of the cheese, while the magnitude of the effect of salt reduction was relatively minor in comparison to the effect of fat, nevertheless, resulted in a reduction in cheese firmness and chewiness. Reducing the calcium content of reduced-fat Mozzarella counteracted the negative impact of fat reduction; however, the resultant cheese was still inferior to full-fat Mozzarella, primarily due to deficits in both the flavour profile and functional properties. This study highlights the properties of highest importance for pizza cheese, the impact of fat, salt and calcium reduction and the impact of heating on the sensory properties.


Study on Aerodynamic Characteristics Control of Slender Body Using Active Flow Control Technique

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