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Exploring important therapeutic components within a group programme for young people who have sexually abused

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posted on 2022-09-09, 09:50 authored by Peter Slattery
Sexual abuse is a serious issue within society, and one which the World Health Organisation (WHO) regards as a global public health concern. The literature base relating to those who have sexually abused is extensive, but there remains a lack of research on young people who sexually abuse, and there is a paucity of research exploring what these young people value therapeutically. Over the course of 12 months, this research collected and analysed qualitative data from 13 young people and 12 facilitators, who were attached to a group therapeutic programme. Findings from the research indicate that these young people value many of the core psychotherapeutic components valued by ‘general’ populations (e.g., sharing, group discussion, cohesion etc.), but they appear to differ from adults who have sexually abused, in that they are more open to didactic experiences in groups, and place importance on gaining knowledge and learning psycho-educational content. Findings are discussed in relation to implications for future practice, research and policy.



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