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How do perceived parental behaviours influence the career development of adolescents in Irish schools? a pilot study

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posted on 2022-09-06, 11:31 authored by Humphrey Jones
How do Perceived Parental Behaviours Influence the Career Development of Adolescents in Irish Schools! A Pilot Study, aimed to establish if the behaviours of parents affect how adolescents view their career decisions, choices and confidence in carryout career related tasks. The project was conducted within the positivist paradigm, using quantitative research strategies. This involved using a combination of tried and tested research implements, including the Career Maturity Inventory, the Parent Career Behaviour Questionnaire and the Career Decision Making Self Efficacy Scale. All were edited for use within an Irish context. The data was collected in May and June 2009. The main conclusions drawn from the data identify that parents do have an influence in the career development of adolescents in Irish schools. Certain behaviours arc more likely to influence the career maturity or career decision making self efficacy than others. In particular, parental acts of encouragement towards their adolescent's career development, taking an active interest in their academic progress and parental support for adolescent's career choices are good predictors of an advancing career development. The material to follow will illustrate how the resultant product was researched, created, and assessed. finally, an open discussion will take place regarding the findings of the project.



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Garavan, Thomas N.





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