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Minding the gap

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posted on 2022-09-22, 14:16 authored by Anthony Hughes
The elderly Learner who has had no previous experience with computers, has much to overcome in order to chose to take computer classes. Apart from negative past educational experiences and age related limitations, the computer interface has not been designed with them in mind, which is a fundamental obstacle to digital inclusion. This research thesis aims to identify and explore the barriers that exist for the elderly person in taking computer classes for the first time. The barriers will include the impact of anxiety, cognitive difficulties secondary to age, hearing and vision difficulties. This research will access the impact that previously low levels of education have on the attitude to present day learning for this particular group. It will examine the forces that have had a primary impact on this low level of education, specifically, early childhood poverty, socio-economic background, early experience at school and rural isolation. It will examine the current layout of the computer course structure for the elderly learner and a need for further consultation on revising approaches for the delivery of these courses. This research will conclude that there is scope for a discussion between those bodies that represent elderly people and those bodies that provide education in computers.



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