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Project control system (PCS) implementation in engineering and construction projects: an empirical study in Saudi’s petrochemical industry

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posted on 2023-02-10, 12:43 authored by Sahar Jawad

Activity in the engineering and construction industry is a measure of national and global economic growth. However, projects in this sector are usually plagued by schedule slippage and cost overrun that can have a significant detrimental impact on capital investment. More  recently this situation has been exacerbated by the global COVID 19 pandemic which has caused most of the projects in this sector to be postponed. Although there is growing attention on Project Control Systems (PCS) as a critical project management tool for the success of projects and more importantly to address challenges in the engineering and construction industry, the implementation PCS has not been taken up as much as originally anticipated (PMI, 2018; Olawale 2012; Mehta 2008). The literature on project management has focused on examining the PCS themselves, particularly the design and development of new systems that use complex mathematical tools and employ high levels of information technologies. These tools and technologies cannot deliver project control unless they are effectively implemented. The project control process generally is a complex process that takes place during the entire project life cycle. The main problem for PCS implementation is that the elements of PCS effectiveness and the factors that influence these elements are not clearly identified. In other words, identifying the enablers and barriers that influence the elements of PCS success and drive project objectives, scope, schedule, and cost, is critical to ensuring successful PCS implementation. This empirical study found that an effective governance program should be the first consideration when implementing a project control system. Importantly, the model presented in this study determined that in order for project managers to achieve the specific project outcome, the project manager must focus on the most important PCS elements that impact the outcome. This study derived an additional perspective in relation to project control implementation. In order for a project to achieve its stated outcomes, both skilled project team members and standard processes must be in place.



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