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Skydiving, archaeology and travel Writing

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posted on 2015-11-17, 16:03 authored by Sarah Mannion
This journey begins with disparate subjects that may seem unrelated to each other or, indeed, to the field of architecture. However, having begun to implement their development through architectural processes, I have seen that any subtle likenesses between them, and maybe even their very differences, become what activates the communication between them. Let me introduce those interests here: they are skydiving, archaeology and travel writing. These interests should widen my vision for what architecture can be, and for what disciplines it can attract and consider; inducing unfamiliar thoughts in the mind and introducing unexplored perspectives to architecture. I want to know more about these subjects myself and by dissecting them through the lens of architecture, I believe that they can offer further fuel to my creativity and can combine intricately to inform and generate my practice of architecture. This thesis text will explore and revise these three personal interests that I have. They may not necessarily be the interests that have captivated me for the longest time, or that are most immeasurably intertwined with architecture, but they can each offer something unique to my architectural process. This text is a compilation of thought, situating pieces of information alongside each other in a process of discovery. The interests appear here as written fragments. The following fragments are things that I know and things that I have discovered through writing them down. Writing them has allowed me to think specifically and in detail about aspects of my interests. They describe a journey and a progression through perspectives; documenting processes, places, stuff, people, proposals and thoughts. This text is, at times, a travel journal, a proposal, a critical portrait. It is a tool of thought; the remains of a process.



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Bucholz, Merritt

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Ryan, Anna

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Griffin, Andrew





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