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Technology supported, self-directed learning: an investigation of blended learning and online assessment on a pre-service teacher education

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posted on 2010-07-22, 10:01 authored by Greg Scanlon
This study aimed to explore the use of a blended learning course of study on an undergraduate teacher programme in the Republic of Ireland. The study aimed to examine the use of a blend of online learning with face-to-face tuition and web-based assessment. The study also aimed to investigate students’ reactions to the course of study by examining their levels of participation and investigating the extent to which the course may have influenced their attitudes to the use of ICT in teaching and learning. The study was exploratory in nature and employed a case study methodology which involved the use of online surveys, the collection of students’ responses to formative assessment questions as well as summative assessment grades, the analysis of online logs to determine levels of participation, student focus groups and tutor observation. The study found that student engagement with the course was both widespread and enlightening, student enthusiasm for the use of information technology in education was almost ubiquitous and most students expressed a desire to utilise the technology as part of their teaching. The study also found that the course was instrumental in causing a change in attitude in favour of the use of blended learning as a tool to enhance teaching and learning for a majority of this student cohort. These findings suggest that student-teachers are willing and able to engage with a self-directed, online course of study but that tutor support continues to be required to optimise student learning. Student-teachers are enthusiastic about the potential of information technology in teaching and learning but their limited exposure to models of good practice may result in quite traditional forms of usage that fail to benefit from the enormous potential of the technology.



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