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The potential for the constructive use of a virtual learning environment in a post leaving certificate college in Ireland : a case study

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posted on 2022-10-12, 08:10 authored by Colette Kirsten Briggs
The use of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is becoming an increasingly important facility within education in Ireland. The research topic was chosen to reflect and highlight the technological changes happening in the delivery of educational courses where students learning expectations are often influenced by the range of social networking opportunities available. A Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) college in Ireland was chosen and research carried out in order to investigate, analyse and address the potential for the constructive use of a VLE in terms of the opportunities and constraints that directly apply to its current use in Ireland. Existing peer reviewed research was analysed in relation to the communication and pedagogical opportunities offered, through the use of the VLE, in relation to the potential applicable to learning and teaching in a PLC college. Facilities for carrying out course management activities, using the VLE, were also investigated in order to encourage and facilitate online course administration as a means of encouraging teachers to actively use the VLE to streamline existing practice. The case study model enabled a holistic approach and data was collected by combining quantitative and qualitative research methods. A primary objective entailed researching current practice in terms of VLE usage both nationally and internationally in order to inform and to make recommendations which could aid the enhancement of learning and teaching using the VLE as a platform for change in PLC colleges. Findings indicated that although the facilities inherent and the pedagogies implicit in the current use of the VLE were being used successfully by a core group of teachers and students there was the potential to recognize and enhance usage across the board. Recommendations based on research and observations seek to enhance the educational potential for constructive use of the VLE across PLC colleges in Ireland.



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