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The realm of the in-between: an exploration of in-between space as place

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posted on 2012-08-28, 09:01 authored by Cornelia Foley
My thesis investigation focuses on identifying the qualities, potential and possibilities of ‘in-between’ spaces. The purpose of this investigation is to challenge the notion of ‘non-place’ with which these types of spaces have become associated. I believe that in-between spaces have the potential to function as places of inter-connection, exchange, public space and hybrids, when considered and designed appropriately, thus, these spaces play a vital role in the fabric of towns and cities. My interest in this field of study was born out of observations made in earlier studies. Site analysis in my previous projects led to an observation that large scale transport infrastructure in Ireland (while linking areas on a larger scale) carve apart the landscape at a local and human scale. What results is a separation of landscape by elaborate, single function infrastructure. This example of an ‘in-between’ space does not optimise the potential it possesses as place- as a place positioned between and influenced by its surroundings, a place of co-existence and interchange, a place with potential for multi-function or hybrid situations and, most importantly, a space that functions as a series of moments working together for the experience of the individual. My project is located at the site of Colbert Station, Limerick City’s train and bus terminal. The presence of the railway has brought about a distinct separation of the unique cluster of education building to the north of the site and the sports facilities and public park to the south. The result is an impenetrable and under-valued area of the city which does not successfully respond to, or integratewith, its surrounds. My proposal is to build on the existing transport, education and sports facilities and to focus on the overlap of programme and use within this brief to create hybrid situations and public space. In addition to the existing facilities to be built upon, I propose to create facilities for the Education Department of the University of Limerick at this site. My thesis project is an attempt to answer the question- how can the design of in-between spaces stitch together the landscapes between which they are located?



  • Master (Research)

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Bucholz, Merritt

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Carroll, Peter

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Ryan, Anna





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