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Bridging the gap in antioxidant activity of flavonoids: Correlating the oxidation of human plasma with chemical and cellular assays

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posted on 2024-03-26, 12:21 authored by Nima MohammadiNima Mohammadi, Amanda dos Santos Lima, Luciana Azevedo, Daniel GranatoDaniel Granato

Traditional antioxidant screening relies on chemical assays to assess compounds’ potential in combating oxidative processes. However, translating chemical antioxidant activity to complex biological systems poses challenges. In this study, the antioxidant potential of fruit-derived phenolic compounds, hyperoside (HP), epicatechin (EC), and phlorizin (PZ), and their combinations in a specific ratio were investigated using a simplex-centroid design of experiments. The research included in vitro antioxidant assays, plasma protection against oxidation tests, and cytotoxicity assessments in human cell lines. The results revealed the complex relationship between chemical antioxidant activity and its relevance to cellular oxidative and antioxidative processes. HP and EC exhibited significant antioxidant activity, with HP outperforming EC in multiple assessments. Cytotoxicity assay confirmed that these compounds did not induce cell death or hinder proliferation, even at higher concentrations (>100 μmol/mL). In the cell antioxidant activity (CAA) test, HP and EC exhibited higher CAA, while PZ displayed lower antioxidant activity. In conclusion, a synergistic effect emerged when HP, EC, and PZ were combined, particularly in plasma protection, suggesting protective effects and potential health benefits. This research emphasized the need for a nuanced understanding of the interplay between chemical assays and cellular behavior in comprehending the relationship between chemical-based, human plasma oxidation, and CAA.



Current Research in Food Science 8, 100714



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