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posted on 2018-03-22, 10:20 authored by Maebh Barry
Objective: Training in paediatric basic life support (BLS) skills is not routinely provided for pregnant women and their partners within the maternity services. This study evaluates an e-learning programme coupled with the use of a novel pillow mannequin to train infant choking treatment and BLS. Study Design: A prospective cohort study with an uncontrolled pre- and post-test design was used. A purposive sample of pregnant women and partners attending antenatal classes was surveyed on-line pre- and post-participation in the self-instructional e-learning programme; skills were assessed post-participation. Outcome measures were (1) confidence in treating a choking infant and providing BLS, (2) ability to perform the choking/BLS skills, and (3) perceived acceptability of the pillow mannequin for practise. Results: Twenty-four individuals completed a pre- and post-programme questionnaire. The e-learning programme along with practise on the pillow mannequin statistically significantly affected (p<.001) confidence in treating a choking infant and performing infant BLS. Forty-four participants used the pillow mannequin for practise and volunteered to have their skills assessed. Over 90% demonstrated correct positioning of the infant in the event of choking, identified the correct ratio of chest compressions to breaths, and conducted chest compressions to the required depth. Participants commented on the programme’s usefulness, simplicity and accessibility. Conclusion: A self-instructional e-learning programme for prospective parents using a pillow mannequin enables parents to learn how to treat a choking infant and to demonstrate BLS skills. This low-cost intervention has the potential for widespread application within developed and developing countries.



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